USAA is adding automatic accident detection to its SafePilot app (2023)

USAA is one of the first auto insurers to implement automatic accident detection technology as part of its telematics app, "an innovation that simplifies and speeds up the claims process."The forwarder informed me.

Crash Detection, integrated into USAA's optional SafePilot app, uses smartphone sensors to detect a potential collision and prompts the driver to verify that a crash has occurred. In this case, the app offers safety instructions, the ability to call 911, and the ability to file a claim “via a streamlined process” on the spot.

Luke Harris, USAA Vice President of Innovation,said Digital Insurancethat the technology can speed up the claims process.

"The traditional claim process can be very manual and involves a series of questions and answers to properly investigate the claim," Harris told the publication. “The availability of telematics data provides insights into accidents that can help reduce the number of questions and the time it takes to investigate the incident, allowing our claims team to focus their time on addressing the specific needs of our members and the process of repair.” Optimize refunds on the go."

The SafePilot documentationon the USAA website does not provide detailed information about the app's process for submitting claims, including whether the app provides information about nearby collision repair shops or with whom the app's data is shared. TheSafePilot Terms and Conditionsrequire consent to "the transmission, download, retrieval, access, storage and use of the data by USAA and our third party service providers".

The USAA's announcement also doesn't make it clear whether accident detection is an opt-in or opt-out product, or if it's a mandatory part of SafePilot. Questions submitted to the USAA by Repairer Driven News did not receive a timely response.

In a press release, the USAA said the technology "comes at a critical time" with the number of accidents surpassing pre-pandemic levels. 500,000 more claims were processed in 2021 than in 2020, "a trend that was broadly felt as pandemic restrictions were lifted and more cars returned to the roads".

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in oneJune 2022 Crash Course Report Update, CCC Intelligent Solutions noted a similar trend in the number of claims and miles driven, despite higher gas prices and a continuation of remote work.

Based on multiple sources, including U.S. Department of Labor statistics, CCC estimates that 25% of the workforce is still working from home. “Data from numerous analysts suggests that nearly 40 percent of jobs in the US could be done remotely; and office occupancy data from Kastle Systems over 40 percent from Q2 2022,” the update reads.

However, the initial drop in traffic appears to have stabilized as people take extra trips for other things during the workday, Crash Course author Susanna Gotsch said in a video accompanying the update.

USAA said rising premiums, a reflection of higher claims numbers and the severity of accidents are prompting drivers to adopt SafePilot - behavior-based insurance (BBI) that offers discounts for safe driving.

Signups for the app, which is now open in 43 states and Washington, D.C. offered have increased by 200% since 2021. According to the USAA, SafePilot will be expanded to “almost all states” in 2023.

The app collects “Date and time and driving behavior information related to your vehicle, including but not limited to speed, acceleration, braking, swerving, cornering, distance driven, location, handheld calls, hands-free calls, phone handling, and other driving related data “, so theProgram Terms.

The airline also offers Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), a product it acquired when it bought smartphone telematics insurer Noblr in 2021. The UBI determines the tariffs on the basis of the kilometers driven and safe driving behaviour. It's currently available in 10 states and plans to expand to "the majority of states" in 2023, the USAA said.

"This product is becoming increasingly popular for members who now work from home or use other modes of transportation (eg, bike, public transit) as their primary mode of travel," the airline said.

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DriveWell Auto-App von Cambridge Mobile Telematicsalso offers automatic crash detection and First Notification of Loss (FNOL). DriveWell is used by major auto insurers like State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide, as well as regional airlines like Plymouth Rock, Mercury and Erie and insurtechs like Marmalade. The company works with 21 of the 25 largest US auto insurers.

Matt Fiorentino, CMT's senior director of marketing, told Repairer Driven News in April that "automated accident detection and digital FNOL are available today via the DriveWell platform on IoT [Internet of Things] devices such as smartphones and tags." The platform is offered on an opt-in basis, he said.

More information

USAA Increases Maximum Discount for Telematics Insurance Amid Booming Demand

USAA buys usage-based insurer Noblr


Featured image: USAA's SafePilot driver monitoring app now includes crash detection technology. (Provided by USAA)

Diagram provided by CCC Intelligent Solutions.

USAA rolls out SafePilot telematics app in seven new states

Members in these states are now eligible for discounts of up to 30% on auto policies

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SAN ANTONIO, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- USAA members are showing increasing interest in behavioral and usage-based insurance programs. To meet growing demand, the USAA today announced the expansion of its SafePilot program to seven new states.

The new states include Alabama, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma and Utah, with the program now being offered in a total of 23 states.

The USAA SafePilot™ app teaches, inspires and rewards safe driving habits to keep drivers safe on the road while reducing insurance premiums. Members who enroll in SafePilot are now eligible for initial discounts of up to 10% for enrolling in the program and ongoing discounts of up to 30% for safe driving.

The USAA recently announced that SafePilot enrollments increased by over 200% in 2020 and that nearly half of new policyholders in states where the program is available have opted into the program.

"COVID-19 has impacted the lives and finances of many Americans, and we operate in an increasingly digital world accelerated by the pandemic," said Jim Syring, USAA P&C President. "We're excited to make SafePilot available to more members as part of our commitment to providing competitive products and services that support the military and their families, and providing best-in-class digital offerings based on today's needs."

SafePilot is currently available in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia and will be rolled out in most states during 2021 to meet growing demand.

In addition to discounts, members may be eligible for additional savings by bundling their auto and home insurance.


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The number of daily driver registrations is 203% higher than in 2020

SAN ANTONIO – (September 22, 2021) Driven by increased member demand for more personalized auto insurance, USAA announces that its SafePilot telematics app has rolled out in most states.

SafePilot is now available in 34 states and plans to roll out more widely later this year. Year-to-date daily driver enrollments are 203% higher than in 2020 and policy growth is nearly 75% year-on-year, with nearly half of new policyholders opting into the program.

Where Can I Get My Car Repaired and What Are the Benefits of a USAA Preferred Repair Facility??
You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at a workshop of your choice. We are prohibited by law from requiring repairs to be made at a specific store. Your policy will cover the reasonable cost of repairing your vehicle, wherever you go. If you prefer assistance, USAA can provide access to a network of qualified service providers.

At a USAA Preferred Store you will receive:

A lifetime guarantee.
Convenient scheduling.
An Enterprise Rent-a-Car on site or nearby.
An estimate available on or the USAA Mobile App.
Payments made on your behalf directly to the preferred store. You only have to pay your deductible, if any.

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